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AI step security

Parabola AI steps are powered by OpenAI’s GPT.

We’ve taken several steps to ensure that your data remains secure and private.

  1. Protection: Parabola has a signed Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with OpenAI that ensures any data sent to OpenAI via Parabola AI steps is handled in a secure way, in compliance with Parabola’s own robust data security standards.
  2. Privacy: Parabola also maintains an agreement with OpenAI to not use the contents of any prompt sent from a Parabola AI step as training data for their AI models.
  3. Scope: When utilizing Parabola’s AI steps, the only data sent to OpenAI from the Extract with AI, Categorize with AI, and Standardize with AI steps is the data contained in the specific columns you select. Experiment with AI utilizes the entire dataset. (Each step can be configured by the user to only send data from select columns.)

Click here to review our full Parabola AI Supplementary Terms.