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Viewing Flows

The Flows page allows you to access, search, and organize all of your Parabola Flows.

On every page, Flows are now displayed in rows. A row shows key information about the Flow:

Viewing Flows


Home is your default landing page in Parabola. It lists the Flows you accessed most recently.


Starred will list all Flows that you favorite for quick access.

My Flows

My Flows contains any Flows that are not shared with your entire team. This includes:

  1. Flows that you created, and have not shared
  2. Flows that you created, and shared with specific people
  3. Flows that were shared with you directly

Flows created here are private by default.

Team Flows

Team Flows contains any Flows that are shared with your entire team. Flows created here are shared by default, and accessible to everyone on your team.

Note: Flows created in or moved to the team space will automatically grant your team viewer permissions by default. At any time, you can update the team or a specific individual’s permission to Editor.

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Using Folders

Creating: team Flows can be grouped into folders. Anyone on your team can create a folder, and all folders will be accessible to your entire team.

To create a folder, click the “New Folder” button and enter a folder name. You or your teammates can later modify the folder name or description from Settings.

Organizing: you can create sub-folders up to three levels deep. (For example: ‘Marketing Team’ > ‘Paid Acquisition’ > ‘Monthly Reports’.) You can access your team’s complete folder structure from the navigation area to the left, or from the ‘Team Flows’ page itself.

Deleting: deleting a folder will also delete its contents (the Flows contained within).

- A folder can only be deleted by the folder creator, and only if they are also an Editor of all of the Flows contained within.

- To delete a folder, go to its “parent” folder (where that folder lives), and select “Delete” from the folder overflow menu:

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Moving Flows

Flows can be moved between ‘My Flows’ and ‘Team Flows’. To move a Flow, select “Move” from the overflow menu, and choose the desired location. (Note, only Flow Editors can move them.)

You will see a warning if moving the Flow will change who has access to it. This could happen in two ways:

1. Moving a Flow into ‘Team Flows’:

This will automatically share the Flow with your entire team, and grant your team Viewer permissions.

2. Moving a Flow out of ‘Team Flows’:

This will automatically remove your team’s access. However, anyone that the Flow was shared with directly (see Sharing a Flow) will retain access.

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Searching for Flows

Use the search box at the top of any flows page to search for a specific Flow. Your search will correspond to the page you start from, meaning:

  • If you search from Home, it will search across all Flows you have access to
  • If you search from My Flows, it will only search within My Flows
  • If you search from Team Flows, it will only search within Team Flows (and only within the specific folder you’re viewing)