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Pull from Drip

The Pull from Drip step is a beta step. This means that while it's not a fully built-out integration, it's a preconfigured Pull from an API step that makes it easy to get set up and pull data from Drip using their API.

Drip is a marketing automation platform built for ecommerce.

Connect to your Drip account

You will need the following 3 things to connect to the Drip API:

  • Your Account ID
  • Your API Key
  • A name to call the connection between Parabola and Drip (this can be anything)

You should be able to locate your API Key from your User Settings page on Drip.

Once you've located this information from Drip:

  1. Add your account ID to the API Endpoint URL where specified
  2. Add your API Key to the Username field. Please keep the Password field blank.
  3. Add the name you thought of to the User-Agent header value. This can be anything, but you do need to put something.

Custom settings

By default, the Pull from Drip beta step is set up to pull data from the Subscribers API endpoint which pull a list of all subscribers.

You can update that endpoint URL in the API Endpoint URL field if you'd like to pull in other data from Drip's API. You can read their full API docs here.

Helpful tips

  • If the Pull from Drip step does not bring back all of your data, try increasing the "Max Pages to Fetch" field so that more pages are fetched.

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