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Calculate score

The Calculate score step scores each row based on specified criteria and puts the new score into a column.


In this example, the data we'll input into this step has a list of multiple leads throughout a few companies.

We'll want to ensure we're contacting the best possible lead at each company, so we'll use this Calculate score step to score these leads in order to prioritize the best ones to contact.

This step's output is a new "Score" column of calculated scores per lead row.

Custom settings

After connecting our data into this step, in the Score Column Name field enter what you'd like the new column name to be.

To set up the step's rule(s), select the column that should have the rule applied to it, select a rule from the options provided, and type in a value this step should search for.

The rule options are: Blank, Not Blank, Equals, Not Equals, Contains, Not Contains, >, > or =, <, < or =.

Lastly, finish this rule setting by placing a number in the Increment Score field and selecting Show Updated Results to save it. In the above screenshot example, VP-titled people have a score of 3,  Director-titled people have a score of 2, and Manager-titled people have a score of 1.

Helpful tips:

  • Add as many rules as you'd like by clicking on the Add Scoring Rule button.