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Even Parabola has a few 😉

This table describes the current limits of Parabola’s infrastructure. It’s updated often. If you'd like to be notified when a certain limit is expanded, please reach out to

  • Max file size: ~200 MB
  • Max row count: 5 million
  • Max cell count: 150 million
  • Max column count: 5000
  • Max scheduling frequency: Every 10 minutes
  • Max users on a team: Unlimited
  • Max steps in a flow: ~400 (performance issues present at lower amounts)
  • Max flows in an account: Unlimited
  • Max time for a single step to calculate: 60 minutes
  • Max time for a flow to run: 3 hours
  • Consecutive failures before a scheduled flow is paused: 10
  • Max pages fetched by a single API step: 1000
  • Max queued runs for Webhook or Email: 200