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No more copy & pasting CSVs.
With Parabola, inventory nearly moves itself.
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Build automated processes that handle the things you’ve been doing manually in spreadsheets.

From inventory reconciliation and shipping audits, to PO management and more — finally implement the ideas you have to move your company forward.

Parabola puts power into the hands of people who really know the business

Build every intricate workflow you’ve wanted to

Imagine inventory data from your ERP, WMS, and 3PLs being consolidated automatically.

Trigger actions in the applications that matter to your team

Imagine receiving alerts when your 3PL SLAs are broken.

Show every part of your work

Imagine inventory and financial reporting that you can always trust, because the SOP is directly linked from the report.

Codify smart processes

Imagine the PO management SOP being available for any team to copy and use with the click of a button.

Do more in Parabola than in any other single tool

BI Tools
Combines data automatically
Handles multiple and changing use cases
Offers a single source of truth
No code required

Plays nice with everything you already use

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For most everything you do, there’s a way to make it easier and more powerful

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Inventory reconciliation

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PO management

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Document digitization

​​For every team from supply
chain to finance. No code needed.