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Average by group

The Average by group step calculates the average of all values in one or more columns. This step is similar to the AVERAGEIF function in Excel.


Our input data has 30 rows of order information showing how many quantities of a particular food type was sold to a particular customer.

After connecting data to this step and setting it up, it gives us the output data of what the average quantity sold per order is, per unique food type.

Default settings

After connecting steps, this one will auto-select a quantity column (like "Quantity Sold") and a data type category to display quantity sold per row (like "Food Type").

Custom settings

If you'd like different columns to be chosen, you may choose the columns to include in your average calculation and choose which rows it is grouped by selecting them from the dropdown menus.

You can optionally apply this to only the selected columns or apply to all columns except. We'd recommend using the option that requires fewer column selections since this saves you time.