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Pull from Front

The Pull from Front step pulls in data from your Front account so you can quickly make insightful reports on your team and customers.

Connect your Front account

To connect your Front account, select  Authorize.

A new page will pop up asking you to Authorize again. After you do, it will return to your Parabola page.

Custom settings

Once you're back in the step's settings, in the Info Type dropdown menu, select the type of data you'd like to pull in

Here are the Info Types that are available:

  • Events
  • Teams
  • Teammates
  • Contacts
  • Tags

Helpful tips

  • Metrics on specific team members to entire team groups: In this step's settings Info Type > Teammates, select from an available team, and updated results will show one row of data per teammate with information like ID and email address. If you're looking to pull in metrics per teammate, then switch Metric Type > Table Metrics and explore ones like "team_table". There are also a few team-wide group metrics in Metric Type > Rollup Metrics like "avg_first_response_time".
  • Time-based metrics show thousands of numbers in a column's row: these are in seconds. You can connect an Insert math column step to this Front import step to convert metric data from seconds into hours, days, or whichever time unit you'd like.