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SSO Configuration

Parabola uses WorkOS to support SSO configuration for your organization by setting up a unique, secure connection with your internal identity provider. All standard identity providers are supported, such as Okta, OneLogin, Google Workspace, Azure, and so on.

Getting started

In order to configure SSO for your organization, our team will need to securely exchange some information with your technical or IT team. We’ll schedule a 15-minute call with you to complete the process. During that time, users won't be able to log into Parabola.

Here’s what to expect from the set-up process:

  1. Parabola onboards your organization in our SSO service, WorkOS
  2. ACS URL and SP Entity ID are created and provided to your organization
  3. Your IT team sets up a new application for Parabola in your identity provider (ex. Okta)
  4. This requires inputting the ACS URL and Entity ID from above
  5. Mapping is performed for user ID, email, first/last name
  6. Your IT team adds appropriate users to the app (i.e. any existing Parabola users)
  7. Your IT team extracts Metadata URL and provides it to Parabola
  8. Parabola adds that Metadata URL to our SSO product
  9. Connection is live! Users can now log into Parabola using the “Sign in with SSO” option
  10. (If your organization also has an internal “app directory,” authorized users will also be able to sign in to Parabola directly from there)

Note: in most cases, set-up can be completed by using a step-by-step guide from WorkOS, and will not require a call with us. We’re here to help no matter what!

User management

Once SSO is configured for your organization, all subsequent user management occurs from the “Team” page in Parabola (read more here):

  1. Inviting or removing users from your team
  2. Managing user permissions (e.g. user vs. admin, admin scopes, etc.)

Changes in your internal identity provider directory will not automatically be synced to Parabola.