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Quickly build your customer reports and streamline integrations

Use Parabola to empower your less technical teams to accelerate implementation and drive growth for your business.
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Bring your customers data together, all in one place

Leverage customer facing teams

Module of a parabola table showing results of a data export.

Leverage customer facing teams

  • Automate complex reporting processes without needing the technical know-how.
  • Launch reports faster than your engineers have the band-with to build them internally.
  • Lower labor cost by being able to scale quickly without hiring more engineers.

Share your data and team logic in one location

Module of a card describing how to set up a flow paired with a module of sharing a flow with your team.

Share your data and team logic in one location

  • Create customer reports in minutes with data workflows you need to build only once.
  • Explain your most complex workflows right where you build and edit them.
  • Reduce duplicative process by sharing templates, flows, and documentation to be repurposed for other customers.

Overdeliver on customer expectations

Module of parabola flow exporting to table paired with module of scheduling a flow.

Overdeliver on customer expectations

  • Handle more requests by processing customer data in bulk and scheduling reports.
  • Reduce cost to serve customers while accelerating time to value for customers.
  • Drive new business by streamlining (and offering more) customized integrations.

How Parabola enabled Fulcrum to 3x its growth

Read the Case Study ->

The average ERP takes 12 months to set up. Using Parabola, Fulcrum’s Launch team can implement theirs in 12 weeks.

Parabola enabled Fulcrum to onboard 3x more new customers in a year - without adding any headcount - and your SaaS company can do it too.