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April 7, 2023

A Spring Fling



Happy April, everyone – may it bring both spring showers and flowers! 🌸 Last week our engineering team did something a bit special. We decided to see how many features and improvements we could build in just one week. A little spring fling, if you will. So, by popular demand, we bring you:

Flows page:

  1. Filters! You can filter by owner and by Flow schedules/triggers on the Home and My Flows pages (Team Flows page to come!)
  2. The folder tree displayed in your left-hand sidebar is now sorted alphabetically, A-Z
  3. When you view Team Flows, sorts will apply to both folders and Flows, with folders grouped at top


When referencing a Table using the Pull from Table step, you’ll now see both the table and the Flow name, so you can be sure you’ve identified the right one.

Query input:

For steps with query input, like our database integrations, we added a larger query flyout field and auto-complete for query syntax, making it much easier to use.

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