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February 23, 2023

Better Flow building and step discovery



We’ve completely redesigned how steps and cards are added to Flows! Using the new builder toolbar at the top of your Flows, access any integration, transform, or card template for easy building.

This new toolbar (which we lovingly refer to as “Superbar” 🍫 internally) is a big improvement to one of the most core interaction areas of Parabola. With its spacial layout, color coding, iconography, and tooltips, the builder toolbar is a quick way to find the steps you know you need, and a great way to learn about steps you never knew existed.

Here are the key changes:

  • ↗️ Hover over any step or card template to learn what it does. Ever wonder what a certain transform actually does? Now you can see, thanks to illustrative examples for each!
  • 💙 Steps are categorized with new icons, names, and colors to better represent what they do. The color categories will also produce some beautiful patterns ✨ in your Flows and should make them easier to read at a glance!
  • 🗒️ Cards can be found in their new section, right alongside card templates. They’ve been given more room to explain themselves (so you know what a template does), and are categorized as your templates, or your team’s.

We also revisited the keyboard shortcuts for our power users:

  • / or s to open the toolbar and initiate a search (just start typing!)
  • Tab between the search, Integrations, Transforms, and Cards tabs
  • Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to navigate within the lists
  • Enter to place the selected step or card on the canvas
  • Esc to close the toolbar

(Psst, Flows have even more keyboard shortcuts than this! Check out the full list here)

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