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Streamline your supply chain with dynamic workflows and reports

Free your team from manual, repetitive processes. Automate your workflows and get a clear view of your operations data with just a few clicks.
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Parabola is a visual, no-code tool that empowers ops teams

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Tap into the data you need — wherever it is — to make better decisions and streamline workflows.
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Capture and automate any logic you handle manually in a spreadsheet, no matter how complex.
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Slice and dice your data, analyze your outputs, and gain insight into how work gets done across teams.


Ditch the CSVs: automatically access data from any source, from Google Sheets to ERPs

When your data lives in a number of locations, activating it and making it accessible to you and your team is essential to making smarter decisions faster.

Take action on your own data
Tap into data, combine it across siloed sources, and empower your team to create solutions without waiting on engineering backlogs
Access your data, no matter the source
Whether it’s in an ERP, WMS, Google Sheet, Snowflake, or even an email attachment or PDF, you can work with it in Parabola.
Improve visibility and remove the manual work
See data across fulfillment centers, freight partners, and distribution channels and let your team focus on impactful work.
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Automate any retail data process without code, no matter how bespoke

Hiring people for every new problem in your supply chain isn’t sustainable. Put your data to work any way you can think of to significantly reduce the time, risk, and expense it takes to maintain manual, error-prone workflows.


Calculate replenishment forecasts

Use historical sales and S&OP forecasts to consistently predict replenishment needs.

Manage COGS

Calculate cost of goods sold by creating Flows using whatever data you need, like freight costs, manufacturing, and raw materials.


Conduct freight and shipping cost audits

Understand when you’ve been overcharged on shipping freight costs, recover overages, and score your logistics partners.


Get backorder alerts and reports

Let your team know about SKUs that are backordered and customers that are affected.

Calculate vendor chargebacks

Apply logic to understand which vendors to invoice and get visibility into how charges are determined.

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Share and act on your data — from forecasts to cost audits

Build and share data visualizations that show the output of your workflows to get everyone on the same page. Report on data from across systems and spreadsheets in one intuitive platform.

Analyze and share the outputs of your workflows Access the data you need to take action, and elevate your work by sharing it with other teams in a digestible format.
Build flexible reports that evolve as your work changes Create dynamic reports that reflect all of your workflow-tinkering, without the headache of copy-pasting or downloading documents.

Bring your customer data together in one place

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See what our customers are saying about Parabola

Parabola has been our light in the dark. We went from 0 to 100 in a week. No code needed, no developer or data scientist hired, just quick access to all of the information we required.

–– Robert, VP Growth @ UMZU

I'm a marketer and I love the empowerment that Parabola provides me to be my own analyst and developer.

–– Reid, Head of Digital Marketing @ Volcom

Smalls increased inventory visibility and accuracy using Parabola

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Smalls created a Parabola Flow that tracks inventory across 3PLs, encompassing data from three different warehouses as well as incoming purchase orders and demand data.

Automating their inventory reports in Parabola has resulted in better 3PL planning and communication, increased visibility into order routing and replenishment, and more accurate inventory planning.

Parabola is best at solving problems that are complex, ever-changing, and unique to operators

See how marketing, customer success, and other ecommerce teams can take control of their own solutions.

Generate vendor invoices

Merge data across systems and streamline your chargeback program.

extracting data from pdf with AI

Parse PDFs with AI

Take the manual work out of interpreting less structured data sources like PDFs by parsing them with AI.


Analyze spend across vendors

Gain visibility into spend and better understand cost distribution to focus efforts on cost reduction.


Run ROAS testing

Pull marketing spend data from various platforms to calculate returns and optimize your paid marketing strategies.


Automate end-of-month financial reporting

Pull transactions across distribution channels to generate ledger entries and reconcile reports.


Connect siloed systems

Sync data between disparate data sources and eliminate manual workaround processes.