The Shopify Automation Platform.

Parabola makes it easy to automate your manual Shopify work step-by-step.

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Automatically bulk import, update, and export Shopify store data.
Send your Shopify data anywhere, anytime, on a schedule or processed manually.
Automate your Shopify store, without needing to hire a developer.
Mix and match data from across your business to create custom reports.

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Parabola allows you to automate Shopify work with a visual, drag-and-drop interface.

Bulk update your inventory

Combine inventory data from your various vendors and automatically update your Shopify store every time there's a change.

Dynamically update your store's data

Stop spending time on manual updates to your Shopify store. Automatically update collections, prices, customer tags, and more.

Get more insight into your sales

Customize Shopify's reports, combine them with your ads and analytics data, and have it emailed every morning.

"In ecommerce, there are a million things going on at once and a thousand different platforms to use. Parabola has given us the opportunity to quickly access the data from all of these platforms and bring that data together to help us form important business decisions."

Robert Walker

VP of Growth, UMZU

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