Automating alerts for pending orders with Parabola (video)

Automating alerts for pending orders with Parabola (video)

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🙃 Problems with Pending Orders

If you’ve ever managed ecommerce fulfillment, you’ve probably run into one of these problems with pending orders:

  • Sometimes orders get printed for pick+pack and marked as Fulfilled but don’t actually ship
  • Maybe there’s an inventory problem
  • Maybe the parcels did get packed properly but the carrier is late picking them up

In any case, notifying everyone and getting a list of affected packages is hard.

Video overview of automating pending orders with Parabola

🦾 Parabola can automate it

We built Parabola to solve exactly these types of problems. In the 5-minute video above you’ll learn how to:

  • Link your order data to Parabola and filter it
  • Treat the data to get new fields like “how old is the order”
  • Automatically send an alert to your team with a CSV of the affected order
  • Automatically email each affected customer with an update

🚀 Taking it even further

But wait, there’s more! Parabola can also:

  • Send customers an automated notification of a delay (you can choose when)
  • Mark the orders Unfulfilled again in Shopify
  • Text an SMS alert to ops if the overall number of pending orders exceeds your threshold

It’s easy to try it for yourself - the flow in this video is available as a Parabola recipe you can customize in your own account. If you’re new to Parabola, you can try everything you see in the video completely free by checking out our 14-day free trial.

Automating alerts for pending orders with Parabola (video)