Automate your acquisition cost reporting with Parabola (video)

Automate your acquisition cost reporting with Parabola (video)

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Have you noticed that the number of new customers Facebook and Google say they’re sending you each day don’t always align with your ecommerce sales data? Here’s how you can use Parabola to automate a true-up. Get the right answer quickly and automatically every day.

😵‍💫 Common problems in calculating Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  • 📃 Ad platform reported purchases (like Facebook Ads and Google Ads) don’t always map to the numbers from your Ecommerce store
  • 🖇️ Double-counting attribution, tracking pixel firing issues, new vs. returning customer segmentation can all fail
  • 📊 You must manually mash up Ecommerce store data and platform reported purchases to get true Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

This can create hard times! Too much optimism or pessimism about your marketing channels can lead you to making uninformed channel spending decisions (and, ultimately, wasted budget). Even in the best case scenario, you can calculate CAC but it takes a lot of time and manual work.

Video overview of automating your customer acquisition cost reporting in Parabola

🦾 How Parabola can help

In this 5-minute tutorial 👆 you’ll see how to:

  • Grab and treat your Ecommerce data to get your true number of customers
  • Merge it with live ads data from Facebook and Google
  • Get a true report you can email to your team

🚀 Taking it even further

But you don’t have to stop there! The sky’s the limit on extending this flow’s functionality - for a start, you can:

  • Set up SMS alerts if CPA is too high
  • Use rules to automate suggestion of raising / lowering budget
  • Make a PDF report with rich content
  • Save these steps as Card Templates for your team to reuse.

The Flow from this video is available as a Parabola Recipe you can use in your own account. If you’re new to Parabola, you can try everything you see in the video completely free by checking out our 14-day free trial.

Automate your acquisition cost reporting with Parabola (video)