Automating ecommerce inventory processes with Parabola (Video)

Automating ecommerce inventory processes with Parabola (Video)

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Running an inventory process for an ecommerce business is a drag… but Parabola can help! Take a look at this video walkthrough to learn how you can move your manual inventory work into automated Parabola Flows:

🥵 Inventory management comes with problems and risks

If you’ve ever been responsible for inventory, you’re probably familiar with these problems:

  • The inventory data comes from your 3PL in some weird way, like an email with a CSV
  • Your sales data comes from somewhere else, and needs to be merged in
  • So you end up doing some vlookups and repetitive math, several times a week

The risks for messing it up are high - you end up with too many or too few of the things you need to sell. And even in the best case where you do it perfectly - that’s still hours every week of repetitive work, when you could be doing something more valuable.

💪 Solving through automation

The good news is, we built Parabola specifically to solve this type of problem. The 5-minute tutorial above walks you through exactly how you can:

  1. Link up your inventory and sales data to Parabola (even if it comes from an email or some other funky place)
  2. Treat and transform your data to get it the way you want it
  3. Automatically do the vlookup operation
  4. Create an automatic inventory+sales report with months-of-stock for each item and email it to your team

Of course, that’s not all Parabola can do. You could also:

  • Send the inventory report to Slack if there are items with concerning months-of-stock
  • Create a PO automatically for low items and email it to your supplier
  • Remove danger-zone items from Shopify proactively
  • And more!

We’ve also turned the Flow from this video into a Parabola Recipe you can load up in your own account. If you’re new to Parabola, you can try everything you see in the video completely free by checking out our 14-day free trial.

Automating ecommerce inventory processes with Parabola (Video)