DTC Essential: First-Time Customer Sales vs. Ad Spend

This report is an essential one for any DTC brand that runs ads. Get a handle on whether your ads are actually driving revenue from new customers, and understand how your spend across different ad channels is performing with a blended customer acquisition cost figure.

DTC Essential: First-Time Customer Sales vs. Ad Spend

For data-driven DTC brands running ads, this report is the most common jumping-off-point in their automated reporting journey. In order to optimize your ads and understand their performance, you need to be able to quickly determine if your ad spend is actually driving sales from new customers. This recipe provides an out-of-the-box report that includes the following key metrics: 

  • Daily Revenue - First-Time Customers
  • Order Count - First-Time Customer
  • AOV - First-Time Customers
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Blended CAC
  • Ad Spend - GA
  • New Users - GA
  • Sessions - GA
  • Impressions - GA
  • ROAS - GA
  • Amount Spent - FB
  • Reach - FB
  • Frequency - FB
  • Impressions - FB
  • Cost per 1,000 impressions - FB
  • Link Clicks - FB
  • CTR - FB
  • CPC - FB

You might notice some metrics that you'd like to include or remove from this report. Parabola Flows are totally customizable, and this pre-built automation is best used as a jumping off point as you build a custom report unique to your business and KPIs.

Once you have your data in one place, you then need to figure out how to visualize this data. To help you get started, you can make a copy of this "Daily Tracker Template" which was built specifically for this recipe.

For a video overview of this automation, feel free to check out this quick video!