Automating freight and inventory with Parabola (Video)

Automating freight and inventory with Parabola (Video)

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Even the best plans regarding freight tend to change when the boats hit the water. But that’s no reason you can’t have a complete, real-time view into your in-transit freight — by SKU and by destination, no less. In this 5-minute tutorial 👇 you’ll see how Parabola can automate the tough freight data away and give you an actionable in-transit inventory report, automatically available to your whole team.

💥 Problems with Freight Data

If you’ve ever worked with freight data, you’ve probably run into one of these problems:

  • SKU-level info from your suppliers is out of date the minute the containers are loaded
  • On the other hand, data from your freight forwarder doesn’t tell you what’s in the containers
  • Mashing these together to get a clear picture of what is where is pretty hard

And if you don’t go through this whole process often enough, you end up with shortages, or you over-order. In the BEST case you’ve spent a bunch of valuable time doing repetitive work! Much better to automate it!

Video overview of automating labor cost calculation within Parabola

🦾 Parabola can automate it

We built Parabola to solve exactly these types of problems. In the 5-minute video above you’ll learn how to:

  • Standardize data between suppliers and freight forwarders who don’t follow the same data format
  • Fold it all together with a human-readable lookup
  • Create a Google Sheet with an automated snapshot of exactly what products are expected at each site, with up to date arrival estimates

🚀 Taking it even further

But wait, there’s more! Parabola can also:

  • Send a Slack alert if a load doesn’t arrive on a given date
  • Fold in existing inventory data and look for things that were supposed to be delivered but aren’t there
  • Automatically email your team if inventory thresholds aren’t met

It’s easy to try everything you see in this video for yourself, completely free - check out Parabola’s 14-day free trial.

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