User Story: Parabola saved me time and sanity

User Story: Parabola saved me time and sanity

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Sam Floyd, Product Manager at SaaSOptics, uses Parabola to import data from the API and push transformed data into Salesforce.

Industry: Computer Software
Location: Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Company size: 75-100
Team size: 4

Sam Floyd's coworkers describe him as customer-centric, proactive, and solutions-oriented. He was the first product manager at SaaSOptics joining the company nearly 3 years ago.


To ensure new user data tracked in were synced and visible in Salesforce, Sam spent 2 hours every Monday morning manually exporting data from, transforming the data in Excel using various formulas and then importing that data into Salesforce.

"Every week, I worried that I made an accidental error in Excel that would compromise the data integrity in Salesforce. It was such a manual process, but it was better than nothing."


Given the type of employee Sam is, he kept searching for a better solution. When he found Parabola, he was immediately impressed by the simplicity of the drag-and-drop builder experience.

"Once I figured out the API Import Step with the API, the rest of the flow came together pretty quickly. It's pretty fun building in Parabola once you get the hang of it."


His Parabola flow is now scheduled to run every weekday at 7:00am. SaaSOptics Sales and Customer Support Teams benefit from having up-to-date customer information in Salesforce that gets updated daily. Because it's automated, Sam can be confident about the accuracy of the data too.

"I wouldn't underplay the 2-hour savings every week. It's been such a weight off of me to not be personally responsible for this manual update"

The product team at SaaSOptics is growing, recently hiring two new product managers.

"I'm excited that any of my new team members can look at this Parabola flow and understand what's happening. I don't need to train anyone on the very manual Excel process that I was doing before."

Sam has since built a second flow that creates new instances in Salesforce based off account data he pulls from

SaaSOptics is a subscription management platform that provides subscription billing, revenue recognition, and robust subscription analytics and metrics. SaaSOptics serves over 550 customers billing over $4.1B annually.

Want to try out Sam's flow for yourself? Use his recipe!

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