Push Pendo.io user data to Salesforce

Use Parabola to import data from the Pendo.io API and push transformed data into Salesforce.

Push Pendo.io user data to Salesforce

What would an additional two hours mean to you?

Use this recipe submitted by Sam Floyd, of SaaSOptics, to ensure new user data tracked in Pendo.io is synced and visible in Salesforce. If you've ever spent more than 5 minutes every week drudgingly updating Salesforce data from a manual Pendo.io export, give yourself some time back in your day, avoid human error, and reach true peak automation with scheduled flow runs every morning.

Read more about Sam's use case on our blog.

"I wouldn't underplay the 2-hour savings every week. It's been such a weight off of me to not be personally responsible for this manual update."