What’s new from Parabola: Spring ‘23

What’s new from Parabola: Spring ‘23

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April is already upon us — may it bring both spring showers and flowers! 🌸

Last week, our engineering team did something a bit special...a little spring fling, if you will. We decided to see how many features and improvements we could build in just one week. So, by popular demand, we bring you:

Flows page

New to the Flows page: Filters and re-sorted folders
  1. Filters! You can filter by owner and by Flow schedules/triggers on the Home and My Flows pages. (Team Flows page to come!)
  2. The folder tree displayed in your left-hand sidebar is now sorted alphabetically, A-Z.
  3. When you view Team Flows, sorts will apply to both folders and Flows, with folders grouped at top.


New in Pull from Parabola Table step: See the origin Flow when selecting the Table to pull from

When referencing a Table using the Pull from Table step, you’ll now see both the table and the Flow name, so you can be sure you’ve identified the right one.

Query input

New in database steps: an enhanced query editor

For steps with query input, like our database integrations, we added a larger query flyout field and auto-complete for query syntax, making it much easier to use.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your Parabola Flows, check out our how-to guides:

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