Parabola's 2022 in Review

Parabola's 2022 in Review

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2022 was a huge year for you and everyone building in Parabola. We did some amazing things together, including:

  • We ran 4,200,000 of your Flows while processing 240,000,000 steps
  • 1/3rd of active Flows were built collaboratively by teams
  • You were in good company, alongside new customers like Flexport and Bain & Company

At Parabola, our focus this year was on collaborative features that enable you to work better as a team and show off your work.

Here’s a look back at our biggest launches:

A place for teams

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. We redesigned the Team Flows page to make organization easy, accessible, and all in one place.

Organize Flows in a shared team space

Card Templates

Cards help you organize logic and add rich documentation so everyone can understand how a Flow works. Card Templates enable you to make those cards reusable across your teammates' Flows.

Learn more about Team Flows and Card Templates in What's new from Parabola: Spring and Summer '22.

Save a Card Template from any card!

Multiple viewers

Now your whole team can view a Flow at the same time while one person makes edits. Additionally, real-time collaborative editing coming soon.

Introducing Tables

An ask we heard a lot this year: "We want to see and use a Flow's output in-app, without leaving Parabola for another .csv or spreadsheet." Fewer tools, simpler workflows… makes sense.

With Tables, you and your team can do just that. Read our blog A home for your data in Parabola to see how.

Just last week, we launched Table Views to enable filtering, sorting, styling, and sharing the rich data output of any Flow. More to come in the months ahead!

Create interactive reports using Table Views

A whole lot more

We greatly appreciate your ongoing feedback and relied on it to help ship a ton of improvements big and small, including:

  • New integrations Amazon Seller Central, Looker, and Snowflake
  • One Edit Columns step to rule them all
  • Third-party API errors are surfaced in a friendly and actionable way
  • More options for Flow email notification settings, so you can be notified about what matters to you
  • Last, but not least, Parabola is now SOC 2 Type 2 compliant to demonstrate our commitment to your security and privacy

We want to hear more of your feedback. Email us at with any and all ideas.

Ahead of us, we look forward to growing even more in 2023. Growing the collaborative foundation of Parabola’s product. Growing the diverse industries and customers we serve. And, continuing to grow our businesses’ secret sauce: our incredible team. We’re hiring!

Happy New Year, and see you in 2023.

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