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Organize your flow into grouped steps and add rich-text formatting to give detailed descriptions or instructions. Include title headers, bold and italicized text, bulleted lists, and more.

How it works

Cards are a tool for organizing your flow, or adding context to it. They don't affect how a flow actually runs.

It is likely that you will need to connect steps that exist outside of a card. To do this, drag your arrows to other steps in two ways:

Connect to a step outside of a card

The example below shows an arrow being dragged to a step outside of a card. When this flow runs, data will be sent to a Google Sheet in addition to a CSV email attachment.

Connect to a step in another card

The example below shows an arrow being dragged to a step in a separate card.  When your flow runs, it will pull in data from Shopify and send it to a Google Sheet. It will also pull in another Google Sheet, combine it with the original Shopify data, and update inventory levels in Shopify.

Default settings

By default, a new card will automatically populate with a New Card heading and a text block to add rich text.

Adding a step to the card

To add a step to a card, drag a step over the grey bar near the bottom. Once the bar darkens, you can drop the step into the card.

Once the initial step has been added to the card, simply drag another into the card and release it over the drop target to snap it into position.

To expand the card, drag a new step over the grey bar to the right or bottom of the card.

Adding rich-text formatting

To add rich-text formatting to your cards, hover over a text block and select the three dots ....

Format your text block as a Paragraph, Bulleted list, Numbered list, or Heading. You can also add an additional text box above or below the currently selected one or delete a text block from your card.

Helpful tips

  • Italicize your text by pressing Command + I on a Mac or Ctrl + I on a PC
  • Bold your text by pressing Command + B on a Mac or Ctrl + B on a PC