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Email a CSV attachment

The Email a CSV attachment step gives you the ability to send an email to a list of recipients with a custom message and an attached CSV of your transformed data.

Custom settings

After connecting your flow to this ending export, enter up to ten email addresses in Email Recipients section. Enter what you'd like the email subject line to be in the Email Subject section. Enter your custom message in the Email Body section. Please note that all of these fields are required.

In the "Advanced Settings" dropdown, enter the email address you wish for recipients to reply to. This will ensure that any replies to these emails will go to the right place.

Helpful tips

  • Security: the files you send through this step are stored by Parabola. We store the data as a convenience, so that the next time you open the flow, the data is still loaded into it. Your data is stored securely in an Amazon S3 Bucket, and all connections are established over SSL and encrypted.
  • Limitations: only one input source can be connected to this step at a time. If you have multiple flows on your canvas, or have a multi-branch flow, you can email CSVs of these other datasets by connecting them to individual Email a CSV attachment steps. If you'd like to combine your data sets into a single table, use the Stack tables step to combine your tables before connecting to a Email a CSV attachment step.