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Pull from email attachment

The Pull from email attachment step gives you the ability to receive an attachment (CSV and XLS) from an incoming email and pass it to the next step. Use this unique step to use emails to initiate your flow.

Default settings

To begin, take note of the generated email address that is unique to this specific flow. Click "Copy Email Address to Clipboard" to start using this dedicated email address yourself or to share with others.

The File Type is set to CSV / TSV, though you can also received XLS / XLSX files.

The Delimiter is set to comma (,), but can also be adjusted to tab (\t) and semicolon (;).

If needed, the default of Quote Character set to Double quote ( " " ) can be changed to single quote ( ' ' ).

Custom settings

This step contains optional Advanced settings, where you can tell Parabola to skip a certain number of rows or columns when receiving the attached file.

Helpful tips

  • This step will run every time the dedicated email address receives a new attached file. This is useful for triggering your flow to run automatically, outside of a dedicated schedule or webhook.
  • If your XLS file has multiple sheets, this step auto-selects the first sheet but can be set to look for a specific sheet.
  • This step can handle attached files that are up to 5MB.
  • Please note that one flow can only be tied to one CSV/XLS file with this step. You can use multiple Pull from email attachment steps in a single flow, but all of those steps will always pull from the same source CSV/XLS file.


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