Why I love using Parabola and Bubble together

Why I love using Parabola and Bubble together
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Parabola and Bubble announced their partnership last month and Parabola released custom Bubble Import and Export steps to make it easier to get data out of and into Bubble. Truthfully, I’ve been using Parabola and Bubble together since before this announcement, just using their generic API Import and Export steps to connect to Bubble’s API. 

As a big fan of both Bubble and Parabola, I knew right away how using both tools together can make an app (and my life) so much better. I wrote this blog post to summarize the ways I love using Parabola and Bubble together.

Before I dive in, I want to quickly introduce myself and share a little bit about me.

I’m Noel Lorenz, tech enthusiast and nocode maker from Berlin. I got into nocode about two years ago when I discovered the web app builder, Bubble. Discovering Bubble, and the world of nocode, was a game changer for me because I was suddenly able to build everything I wanted without needing to learn how to code. I started developing nocode products for other people and companies and started my own nocode agency. I launched Nocode HQ four months ago where I’m building an online platform that offers tutorials, templates, guides, and more to help anyone build products without needing to learn how to code.

Now that you know more about me, let’s get back to the point. Below, I highlight four key things that Parabola enables me to do with my Bubble app.

Parabola enables me to….

1. Analyze my own Bubble App

The more data I can get out of my Bubble apps, the more I can know how to improve it. For example, I use Parabola to run sentiment analysis on the comments made by users within my Bubble app. This allows me to quickly and easily assess how my customers are responding to different sections of my application. This type of customer feedback is so valuable for development. You can use this recipe for yourself here

2. Enrich my Bubble data with an external API

I turn to Parabola whenever I want to expand the amount of data I provide in my Bubble app. I use Parabola’s API Enrichment step to enrich the data I already have in my Bubble app using an external API. This means I can add more data to my existing database entries without manually exporting or changing any data. This recipe shows how I use the REST countries API to provide additional information about the cities listed in my Bubble app.

3. Sync data across Bubble and other tools

Whether it be backing up my Bubble app data in  Airtable or Google Sheets; or powering a mobile app version of my Bubble app using Glide, Parabola makes it incredibly easy to sync data across Bubble and other tools. This recipe shows how I sync my Bubble app data to my Glide app.

I don’t have a need for this myself, but you can even take advantage of Parabola’s scheduling feature and regularly clean up your Bubble database based on custom criteria you build within Parabola.

4. Extend the functionality of my Bubble app

You can use Parabola to build additional functionality on your Bubble app to deliver an even better customer experience. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m thinking about using Parabola to automatically compose a weekly newsletter highlighting top blog posts to my app subscribers. I’m thinking of using their Send Email destination for this.

Whatever you want to do with data concerning your Bubble app, whether it be getting data in, getting data out, supplementing data, or backing up data, turn to Parabola first. You do need some basic understanding of APIs to use their custom Bubble steps, but it’s a small learning curve to unlock so much potential for your apps.

If you’re ready to dive in,  know you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. Nocode HQ currently offers over 100 nocode tutorials that teach you how to build anything without code. We’ve also recently launched Nocode Exchange as a platform where users can buy or sell their nocode projects and services. If you have any questions, need any help, or want to chat more about nocode, get in touch with me here.

Why I love using Parabola and Bubble together