Enrich data in your Bubble app

In this tutorial you will learn how to enrich data in your Bubble app with data from an external API.

Enrich data in your Bubble app

First, we use Parabola's Pull from Bubble step to pull our Bubble app data from Bubble's Data API. In this case, we imported a list of cities from our Bubble app.

We then added additional information to each city using Parabola's Enrich with an API step and the REST countries API. We passed the list of cities through the Enrich with an API step and it returned additional information about the cities such as the population, currency, country and more!

We used a few more transforms to clean up the data and got it into a format that our Bubble app could handle. Finally, I used Parabola's Send to Bubble step to send the newly enriched city data back to my Bubble app.

A full tutorial is available for Nocode HQ's PRO members here.

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