Date Comparison

Date Comparison

Compares dates in a column to another column of dates, or to a dynamically generated Today value

Compare any two dates/times, including "Today"

This step will tell you how far two dates/times are from each other. One of them can be a Today that is calculated fresh each time, so that it is always as accurate as possible.

The date comparison creates a new column that shows the measurement of time between the two dates. You can select that unit - from seconds to years.

Interpreting the results

Time Zones are hard

Really hard, and not fun to think about.

If your data has a timezone, you can indicate that in the step. In that case, Today will use the same time zone. If your data does not have one, you can set a timezone to be used for both your date and the Today date.

Good luck (because you may need it).

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