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Parabola is a visual, no-code tool that empowers ops teams

Some Ecommerce/Retail-related Parabola integrations (APIs, Google Sheets, Looker, NetSuite, ShipStation, Snowflake)
A Parabola tableexported data in a parabola table
A Parabola Flow


Tap into the data you need — wherever it is — to make better decisions and streamline your workflows.


Capture and automate any logic you handle manually in a spreadsheet, no matter how complex.


Send your data anywhere, action on it in any way, and get visibility into how work gets done across teams.

Simplify paperwork and customs forms

freight form flow

Simplify paperwork and customs forms

  • Save time and labor normally spent manually entering data extracted from files.
  • Automate the process of cleaning and parsing through form data, such as ISFs, Invoices, and Packing slips.
  • Standardize and digitize documents from manufacturers,clients, and governments.

Automate your team’s logic and analytics

A screenshot of a Parabaola Flow driving efficiencies

Automate your team’s logic and analytics

  • Build workflows that handle data comparison, validation, and claims processing.
  • Schedule flows to analyze and produce business metrics as frequently as needed.
  • Make better decisions for your business with more accurate reporting that isn't error prone.

Document SOPs and share your process

form flow with detailed cards

Document SOPs and share your process

  • Explain your most complex workflows right where you build and edit them.
  • Collaborate on Flows with other Editors, and let Viewers see the end results.
  • Store Flows where the whole team can see to avoid knowledge gaps and disruption.

How Flexport uses Parabola to save millions each year

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"My team spends ~50% of their time cleaning and transforming data. Through our partnership with Parabola and their operational automation, we can cut our costs in half and grow our capacity to better serve our customers."

Pragya Chandra, Data Analyst II,
Trade Management, Flexport

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