Starter pack for ecommerce brands from Second Marathon's Matt Hertz

August 12, 2020
Matt Hertz, Co-Founder of Second Marathon

I'm Matt Hertz and I'm the co-founder of Second Marathon, where we work with ecommerce brands to develop and improve their shipping and fulfillment operations. We've supported some of the leading ecommerce brands, such as Haus, Walmart, Away, and Birdies, and I previously led operations at Rent the Runway, Birchbox, and Shyp.

Across the work I've done, I know how difficult it can be to stay on top of shipping and fulfillment metrics. And to date, the best way to do so has been lots of manual work in Excel or Google Sheets. When you want to refresh the data, you download and cobble together all of those CSVs and do the same repetitive work each day/week or whatever time frame you're working with.

I got crazy excited when I heard about what Parabola is doing. I recently played around with their new ShipStation integration and wanted to share a starter pack of recipes to get you started. Typically, when we work with customers, we export data from tools like ShipStation, bring it into Excel or Google Sheets, and manually work that into a report. What got me so excited about Parabola was that all we needed to do is set these flows up once and now all my clients have to do is connect their ShipStation accounts and can get up and running. Instead of repeating the same analysis in a few months, you can run these flows on a schedule so you're constantly getting up-to-date metrics.

I hope these can help you stay on top of your shipping and fulfillment metrics.

Here's an example of one of the recipes, and you can see the rest below!

Weekly Shipping KPIs email summary

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