Superbar! A better toolbar for Flows

Superbar! A better toolbar for Flows

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Automate complex, custom data workflows

Build, document, and share your first Flow today.

Since Parabola’s founding, an open canvas has been the bedrock of your Flows. It’s the starting point of something constructive. A place to create, to express, and to explore.

Today, we’re thrilled to share a redesigned, super-powered toolbar for your Flows.

It’s a new UI and UX foundation that’s at the core of every Flow, and we’re extremely proud of it! We love it so much, we’ve been calling it  ”🍫 Superbar” internally for months.

Every thing in its place

Tucked inside the toolbar is every step, integration, transformation, card, and template that Parabola offers. Search across everything with keywords, like: group, email, Google, database, or API.

Bold icons, names, and color-coded steps are categorized by their functions and make scanning super easy in both the toolbar and your Flow.

Dragging a step from the toolbar

Quick access to Cards

Since launching cards back in 2021, they’ve become a workhorse of Flow organization and critical for team collaboration. The toolbar gives cards and card templates space to breathe and explain themselves in a super clear way.

Accessing card templates

Tooltips and shortcuts

Hover over any step for an expanded description or illustrative example of what it does.

The shortcuts all you superpower users have been asking for are now snappier, including / or s to open the toolbar and initiate a search. For more keyboard shortcuts, see the full list.

Learning about steps through tooltips

Try it yourself!

The super-powered toolbar is now live for every Flow. Sign in to check it out on any of your existing Flows, or better yet start a new Flow.

What’s ahead…

Each week, new teams, operators, and entrepreneurs are pushing the limits of how automation can serve their businesses. Winning back time, accelerating customer onboarding, navigating revenue logistics — just a few ways that Parabola Flows are helping businesses scale in a challenging market.

We can't wait to see the Flows you create with the super toolbar. New and easier ways to collaborate with your teammates are coming soon.

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