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Use Parabola to move and transform your store's data in bulk and combine data from across your business.

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"In ecommerce, there are a million things going on at once and a thousand different platforms to use. Parabola has given us the opportunity to quickly access the data from all of these platforms and bring that data together to help us form important business decisions."

Robert Walker

VP of Growth, UMZU

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Daily Shopify gross sales summary

Receive a daily email summary of the last 24 hours of gross sales from Shopify.

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Analyze your Squarespace orders data

Import your Squarespace orders and analyze your data.

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Automatic notifications for incomplete Shopify data

Generate a list of tasks by identifying which products on Shopify lack images and descriptions.

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Create a top-selling items page in your Shopify store

Build a top-selling items page for your Shopify store.

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