Marketing Reporting

Custom marketing reports that run themselves

Forget the manual merges: schedule and automate your complex reporting processes in Parabola.

“I'm a marketer and I love the empowerment that Parabola
 provides me to be my own analyst 
and developer.”

Reid Sheldon - Head of Digital Marketing, Volcom
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The problem

It's important to know how well your marketing is working, but it's hard to figure that out when the data comes from multiple places. So marketers end up downloading spreadsheets and assembling custom reports by hand. Off-the-shelf analytics solutions just don't cut it, either.

The solution

Schedule the exact reports that your team needs, but remove yourself from the manual process.

Parabola was made to eliminate routine custom processes. By plugging in your data sources and setting up some logic, you can pull your marketing data into more unified views and get whatever on-demand reports your team needs.

Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
Google Sheets

Connect your marketing tools together

How companies run marketing reporting through Parabola

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Powerful, custom reporting

Combine ads reporting across multiple platforms

Create a unified view of your ad spend and performance by building a Flow to combine Google Ads and Facebook Ads reporting. By combining your data in Parabola, you can use a handful of steps to identify leading or lagging ads across both platforms, or determine how to adjust your spend across platforms.
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Create custom marketing attribution logic

Build a Flow that attributes sales back to your marketing efforts in the exact way that your business needs. Using data from an ads platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can create a Flow that combines that data with sales data and site traffic data.
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Compare marketing performance across any time period

Parabola Flow branches are reusable, and can be easily extended in order to make logic changes or compare multiple versions of the same report. First, create a Flow to calculate your key marketing performance metrics (perhaps from an ads platform). Then, to look at a prior period, simply duplicate that section of your Flow and adjust the incoming data. With a few steps, you can compare and contrast the values across both reports to compare current performance to historical.
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Set up triggered alerts (even complicated ones)

Set up notifications for marketing and ad performance

Get your most important metrics in front of you to take action quickly. Stay on top of ad spend, views, clicks, or any other important metric by automatically sending reports to Slack, email, or SMS to your phone.
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Track event registration in Hubspot

Build a Flow that pulls in registrants for an event and syncs it into Hubspot. By keeping your CRM up-to-date with in-person events, your sales and marketing efforts can be more effective.
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Intelligent search and email marketing

Generate a keywords list from a list of product names

Build a Flow that generates keywords from product names, search query lists, or product descriptions. Useful in search engine marketing (SEM, SEO), keyword lists can be a manual burden to create and maintain. Parabola removes the labor and updates the lists for you.
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Send custom emails through Sendgrid, on demand and automatically

Create a Flow that sends custom emails through your Sendgrid account. In your Parabola Flow, first write out a new plain text email (or copy over an existing HTML template). Then, simply insert merge tags for any data from your table that you want to merge into each email. Sendgrid will send one email per row, and merge in the values from that row where you have indicated.
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Create a custom integration between Shopify and Klayvio (or another email tool)

Make your connection between Shopify and Klayvio more powerful. Pull any data from Klayvio and push it into Shopify. Take any data from Shopify and send it to Klayvio. Increase the amount of information you can send in emails, and what you can trigger them based off of.
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User Stories

User Story: Volcom uses Parabola to automatically generate custom reports and perform bulk updates in Shopify

Reid Sheldon, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Volcom, uses Parabola to import and mix Shopify data with data from Google Analytics and various CSV/Excel files. His Parabola flows bulk update data in Shopify and generate custom analytics reports.
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User Story: Backfilling Mailchimp data was easy with Parabola

Stephen O’Grady, Cofounder of Podcast Delivery, used Parabola to backfill subscriber fields in Mailchimp as they launched a brand new referral program.
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User Story: Parabola helped me automate my biggest manual task

Connor Finlayson, Founder of Unicorn Factory, used Parabola to rank Webflow collections based on pageview data from Google Analytics
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