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Parsing messy address data
Take incorrect or human entered address data, clean and parse it into a list of fields usable by another system. Even find and extract unit numners.
Sending email interaction data from a marketing automation tool into a CRM
Aggregate and update email interactions in your CRM by pulling in data from a marketing automation tool to keep your contacts segmented effectively.
Merging, cleaning, and parsing email lists
Take disparate email data sets and combine them into a single source of truth automatically. Remove duplicates and parse names into usable parts.
Removing duplicates from an email list
Use simple or complex rules to find and clean duplicates in an email list to ensure that the right people hear your message, and do not hear it twice.
Compare and contrast multiple data tables
Quickly create a table of differences or similarities between two other tables. Combine lists or remove any entries in one list that exist in another.
Enrich contacts, leads, and customers with Clearbit without code
Use Clearbit without knowing code to enrich email addresses or domains and create profiles on your leads. Segment them for more effective campaigns.
Compiling and sending survey results to a CRM automatically
Automatically compile survey results per contact and account, and keep current and historical results up to date in your CRM for accurate records.
Tracking a post on Product Hunt with a dashboard
Track and analyze your post on Product Hunt for actionable insights, a nice dashboard, and automatic lists of users who engaged with your post.
Syncing email interaction data from a CSV into a CRM
Automatically track email engagement within your CRM to ensure that engaged leads are taken care of and disengaged leads are respected.
Custom user activation dashboard from event data
Create completely custom user activation metrics to display and a dashboard and keep your Customer Success team on track. Analyze cohorts and events.
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