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The best sales, marketing, and ops organizations build automated workflows on top of their CRMs. Parabola is easy to get started, and easier to maintain.

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Update CRM based on data coming from forms, an API, or another database

Do you use a form to collect new leads? Or is there an API or database that you wish you could use to automatically pull in new opportunities rather than update your CRM manually. Using Parabola, you can connect your forms, API, or database data so new leads are automatically added to Salesforce with the right information.

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Receive a weekly sales summary email

It's hard to stay on top of your whole sales funnel. With Parabola, you can generate sales reports so that you can understand your most important sales metrics and improve sales efficiency: receive a weekly summary email of sales metrics, post a daily message in Slack with all of the inbound leads that haven't yet received a follow up, and get a list of demos that haven't converted to opportunities in your inbox every evening.

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Enrich your CRM leads

No one likes manual CRM data entry or out-of-date information; it makes everyone's job harder, from sales to operations. Using Parabola, you can automatically pull in information about your leads, like job title, company, and location to make sure the information is always accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

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