Add if/else column

The Add if/else column step is one of the most powerful steps in Parabola. While if statements can get quite complex and messy in spreadsheets, Parabola makes it really easy to understand and read the logic of your if/else statement. 

Building challenge

  • Add a card titled “Assign status” after our “Pull inventory data” card and drop an Add if/else column step on the card.
  • Create an Inventory Status column with the following statuses:
    • Low: If there are 200 or less units available
    • Healthy: If there are between 201 and 800 units available
    • Overstocked: If there are 801+ units available

To check your work, take a look at this quick video.

How to use the step

  1. Drag an Add if/else column step onto the canvas. 
  2. The configuration of this step should be nearly identical to the way you’d describe an if/else rule in conversation. Simply name your column, and then define the rules that the step should follow for determining the value in our new column. 

Pro tip

  • This step will look through the rules you create sequentially — so if a row matches the criteria for your first and third rules, the first rule will followed.
  • Use the results from the Add if/else Column step to trigger further actions. For example, you can set up alerts or automate emails to your team about critical inventory statuses, like when items are categorized as Low.

Visit our support docs to learn more about the step. 

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