Sum by group

If you’ve ever used spreadsheets to create pivot Tables for data analysis, you’ll love Parabola’s grouping steps. These steps simplify the process of aggregating data, allowing you to summarize complex datasets in just a few clicks.

Building challenge

  • Add a card titled “Find total revenue and units sold by SKU” after our “Calculate revenue” card, and drop a Sum by group step on the card.
  • Sum up units sold and total revenue, grouped by month and SKU. 

To check your work, take a look at this quick video.

How to use the step

  1. Drag a Sum by group step onto the canvas 
  2. Sum: Select columns with numeric values to sum up.
    • Ex) Revenue and Units Sold 
  3. Group by: Select which columns you’d like to group your aggregations based on.
    • Ex) Month and SKU 

To learn more, check out our support docs

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