Automate and share your unique team workflows

Nobody runs their business like you do! But custom approaches leads to custom effort. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and doing the legwork yourself, use Parabola to code your custom workflows. You’ll save time and create visibility for your team.

A Parabola Flow screenshot, showing a Flow pulling data from Shopify and calculating the Average Order Value (AOV) for First-Time CustomersTwo astronauts standing beside a Parabola screenshot. The screen is a Flow showing data pulled from Shopify and steps taken to calculate Average Order Value from First Time Customers.

Handle complex reporting, not just “A to B” integrations

It’s easy to move data from one tool to another. The hard part is getting the right data — cleaned, combined, and calculated — whenever and however you need it. Leave the sticky notes, workbook tabs, and Macros behind: build your reports in Parabola to get the scalability and visibility you need.

A complex Parabola Flow with Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and many data joins and transformsAn astronaut builder standing next to a screenshot with a complex Parabola Flow (including integrations and data joins)

Change as quickly as your business does

Every team faces change! Whether it’s a new metric, a process optimization, or a typo in a vendor’s inbound file, you shouldn’t have to wait for a Data Engineer to unblock your work. With Parabola, you have the power to respond to all of these changes (and document as you go).

A screenshot of a Parabola step, showing a user filtering by New Customers (order count = 1, and for users of a discount code.Two astronauts standing next to a screenshot showing a Parabola step. The Step is filtering to new customers who have used a specific discount code.

“I love the empowerment that Parabola provides me to be my own analyst and developer”

Reid Sheldon
Head of Digital Marketing
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Build, share, and explain your data processes to the whole team.

With Parabola, you can finally connect the dots between your data sources, your spreadsheets, and your teammates’ workarounds.

Explain your process right where it lives using Parabola’s documentation features. Suddenly, your individual tasks are team processes.

A Card titled "Pull from Team Database" that has a description and a few steps in it.

Start scaling your operations the right way

By automating and centralizing workflows in Parabola, your team gets the predictability, scalability, and operational best practices it needs to hit your goals.

A Clock and an Envelope

Advanced Flow scheduling

Trigger automations based on schedules or events (like receiving an email, or listening to webhooks). Parabola automations are fast, transparent, and reliable.

Shared best practices

Use Flows to organize your automations and processes in one place. Harness your team’s expertise to develop and share best practices, and never recreate the wheel.

A Lock

Data security + privacy

We don’t sell data, and our tech and policies keep yours safe. Any data you process in Parabola is only pulled on demand, and is cleared from our servers frequently.

Programming is 


 for everyone

To be a builder, you don’t have to come from a technical background, or know how to write code. Your computer should work for you: that's the truth that Parabola is making a reality.

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IMO, nothing comes close to @parabolahq when it comes to the sense of satisfaction you get when using the product and building flows.

Has taken work that used to be eye-clawingly awful (data import/manipulation/export) to do and make it fun.

GG @alexyaseen + team

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THIS IS SO MUCH FUN 😍 Only an hour in and already learned a ton about @parabolahq and @webflow from @rileyrichter, @LaceyKesler, and @mattvaru 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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.@parabolahq saved me.  🙏

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He estado probando @parabolahq con @Shopify y tiene buena pinta.

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Built my first flow to combine and transform excel data, great product!

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Give @parabolahq a go for sure. It's builder is so nice for working with bulk data (you can see the changes to the whole dataset as you go)

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Don’t need vlookup I have @parabolahq

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@parabolahq - epic workflow tool... Only just started using it and am very impressed!

Credit to you guys all the above and if you haven't played or tested these tools, I highly recommend you do!

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Honestly this product keeps getting better and better 🔥 if you're not already using it, definitely go check out @parabolahq

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Ok. So I'm very excited right now. I actually think that @parabolahq may have just saved me like 4 days of coding with an upcoming project. 🤞

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Holy shit @parabolahq is awesome! Literally ingested data from Google Sheets, transformed it, and emailed it back to me as a CSV in less than 10 minutes... 🤯 👏

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Kudos to @parabolahq for creating and constantly improving such a great tool. 🙏 Keep up the good work 🚀 #100DaysOfNoCode #nocodetools

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Every time I work through a @parabolahq problem I feel like I’m leveling up my #NoCode super powers! ...wouldn’t be possible without @parabolahq support... always so helpful!

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After creating and contributing to several no-code projects with @zapier and @integromat, I'm blown away with @parabolahq's transform functionalities.

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@parabolahq is the tool I've been waiting for. It feels like an extension of my brain and an absolute superpower. Credit to @aronkor and @tomosman for turning me on to it.

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I am sold on @parabolahq - product is great, support is amazing, pricing is generous and it solves many of my use cases. Thanks @aronkor for the demo that got me into it.