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Tedious manual processes never help you get ahead. With the power of Parabola, automate, document, and collaborate your way to operational excellence.

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We believe in "Operators", the data-mashing, spreadsheet-diving, get-stuff-done-ers who keep every team moving. Too often their impact is limited by manual tools and workflows, but Parabola empowers them to be participants in their own success.

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Parabola is best for ...

  • Businesses with unique, complex, and ever-changing workflows
  • People who are experts at their processes, but not at writing code
  • Teams that want to unblock the engineering queue and scale easily
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With thousands of direct and API integrations, Parabola not only builds off of your current workflows: It improves and unifies them.

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Parabola helps UMZU access data from Shopify (and more) to make key decisions

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"Parabola has been our light in the dark. It’s given us the opportunity to quickly access the data from all of these platforms and bring that data together to help inform business decisions. With Parabola, we went from 0 to 100 in a week."

— Robert Walker, VP of Growth, UMZU

Robert Walker, from UMZU

From security to scalability, building in Parabola gives you best practices out of the box

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Thousands of data integrations

SOC 2 Type II compliant

Data encrypted in transit & at rest

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