Parabola makes it easy to automate your manual, repetitive data tasks.

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Parabola is a drag-and-drop productivity tool that runs in your browser. We have a library of customizable, prebuilt components designed for ecommerce operations and marketing teams to pull in data, combine and transform it in bulk, and automatically take action.
Settings that look like sentences make it easy to describe exactly what you want to do.
Get access to all of your business's data in a familiar spreadsheet format that updates in real time as you build.
Automations can run on a schedule or be triggered by an event so that they're always working, even when you're not.
Ready-to-use recipes with best practices from ecommerce experts to help you get started quickly.

Integrate your data
wherever it is

“Parabola has been our light in the dark. We went from 0 to 100 in a week. No code needed, no developer or data scientist hired, just quick access to all of the information we required.”

- Robert Walker, VP of Growth at UMZU

Achieve operational efficiency

  • Bulk inventory management
  • Fulfillment/returns tracking
  • Custom sales reporting
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Implement marketing strategies

  • Mix & match analytics, ads, and sales data
  • Dynamically segment users for marketing & engagement
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IMO, nothing comes close to @parabolahq when it comes to the sense of satisfaction you get when using the product and building flows.

Has taken work that used to be eye-clawingly awful (data import/manipulation/export) to do and make it fun.

GG @alexyaseen + team

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN 😍 Only an hour in and already learned a ton about @parabolahq and @webflow from @rileyrichter, @LaceyKesler, and @mattvaru 🙌🏼🙌🏼

He estado probando @parabolahq con @Shopify y tiene buena pinta.

Built my first flow to combine and transform excel data, great product!

Give @parabolahq a go for sure. It's builder is so nice for working with bulk data (you can see the changes to the whole dataset as you go)

Don’t need vlookup I have @parabolahq

@parabolahq - epic workflow tool... Only just started using it and am very impressed!

Credit to you guys all the above and if you haven't played or tested these tools, I highly recommend you do!

Honestly this product keeps getting better and better 🔥 if you're not already using it, definitely go check out @parabolahq

Ok. So I'm very excited right now. I actually think that @parabolahq may have just saved me like 4 days of coding with an upcoming project. 🤞

Holy shit @parabolahq is awesome! Literally ingested data from Google Sheets, transformed it, and emailed it back to me as a CSV in less than 10 minutes... 🤯 👏

Kudos to @parabolahq for creating and constantly improving such a great tool. 🙏 Keep up the good work 🚀 #100DaysOfNoCode #nocodetools

Every time I work through a @parabolahq problem I feel like I’m leveling up my #NoCode super powers! ...wouldn’t be possible without @parabolahq support... always so helpful!

After creating and contributing to several no-code projects with @zapier and @integromat, I'm blown away with @parabolahq's transform functionalities.

@parabolahq is the tool I've been waiting for. It feels like an extension of my brain and an absolute superpower. Credit to @aronkor and @tomosman for turning me on to it.

I am sold on @parabolahq - product is great, support is amazing, pricing is generous and it solves many of my use cases. Thanks @aronkor for the demo that got me into it.

"I'm a marketer and I love the empowerment that Parabola provides me to be my own analyst and developer"

- Reid Sheldon, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Volcom

Trusted by amazing brands

"Parabola is a great automation platform for someone who isn't technical or doesn't have that capacity to write custom scripts. Parabola has saved my team hours every week while also keeping the management team more in the loop about day-to-day operations"

- Joseph Childress, COO at Mollusk Surf Shop
At Parabola, we're bringing the power of programming to everyone. We don’t think you should have to come from a distinctly technical background or know how to write code to be a builder. Your computer should work for you, and that's precisely what we're making a reality.
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