Podcast Episode: Unlocking ecommerce productivity through automation

Podcast Episode: Unlocking ecommerce productivity through automation

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Our CEO, Alex Yaseen, joined Shopify Expert Steve Hutt's eCommerce Fastlane podcast to talk about how Shopify stores such as Volcom, Great Jones, and UMZU are unlocking new levels of productivity through data automation. Alex also shares details about the company’s history, common Shopify use cases, and how automation can benefit ecommerce operations in ways you might not expect.

Listen and learn how you can automate manual and repetitive data tasks for your Shopify business with Parabola in Steve’s latest episode: https://ecommercefastlane.com/podcast/episode-146/

If you’re interested in building similar Flows to help your team with inventory forecasting, you can start building your own Flow for free by signing up for Parabola. Email us at help@parabola.io and we can help you get started!

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