Working with AI steps in Parabola

Working with AI steps in Parabola

Automate complex, custom data workflows

Build, document, and share your first Flow today.

Parabola’s mission is to empower non-technical teams to automate their most manual, repetitive, and complex data processes without writing code or requiring engineering. To date, we’ve done this with dozens of steps that allow operators to pull data in, transform it, and send it wherever it needs to go.

The tech-forward operations teams we work with have been wondering how to leverage new AI tools like GPT in their workflows. Everyone acknowledges that AI has the potential to be incredibly valuable, but the unanswered question is how to act on the opportunity.

Recently, we released AI transform steps, powered by GPT: Categorize with AI, Extract with AI, and Experiment with AI. Now, Operators can seamlessly use AI in their everyday workflows, enabling those who know their business challenges best to build their own solutions.

Watch to see how to use these steps in an AI-powered Flow that identifies high-performing keywords, then use AI to generate new keyword suggestions based on the highest performing ones.

We’re here to help your business leverage AI in ways that save time, reduce headaches, and accelerate your work. Let’s chat! Schedule some time with us:

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