Parabola Tables are the new pivot tables

Parabola Tables are the new pivot tables

Automate complex, custom data workflows

Build, document, and share your first Flow today.

At Parabola, we’re designing the best place for operators to work with data, together.

The launch of Tables and Table Views marked a major step towards making Parabola valuable for teammates who want to see the results of a Flow and understand its logic without diving into the details.

Today, we’re making Tables even better with groupings and aggregations. Ditch your old pivot tables in Excel and Sheets! Parabola Tables are now so much easier to create and better to view.

See it in action:

Group your data

Use Tables to create simple groups of data or nest multiple groups to create complex and rich reports. Groups can be sorted and arranged to create reports that your team can dig into.

Use groupings to analyze customers by region, display products by category, or organize revenue reports by month, quarter, and year.

Create nested groups to organize a Table

Aggregate and calculate

Add aggregations to any Table to count rows, sum a column, find an average, and more. Aggregations can be applied to any column and are always up-to-date with the latest data in the Table.

Add aggregations through the View options menu, or by clicking on the action bar at the bottom of the Table.

Try using an aggregation to sum a revenue column in your sales report, or show the average deal size for the quarter.

Add aggregations to a Table

Using aggregations with groups 🤯

Aggregations and groups work better together!

Any aggregation applied to a column shows results for the entire table in the bottom bar, and will also be applied to each group and subgroup in a Table.

Groups with aggregations are great for showing average order value per month, total shipments per status, and counts of missing values across multiple groups.

View aggregations for each group

Coming soon…

We’re on a mission to make Parabola the best place for teammates to collaborate, build with, automate, and consume the data important to every day work. Tables are for sharing.

Up next:

  • We’re thinking about how Flows evolve to become collaborative hubs for your entire team
  • Plus, we’re working on a bold, interactive new way to search for and drag-and-drop steps in your Flows. Stay tuned!

Have feature requests for us? We want to hear them. Drop us a line anytime.

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