What's New this September from Parabola

October 2, 2020
The Parabola Team

It's been an exciting month at Parabola, with some major launches and various product improvements to show for it!

First, we introduced our Facebook Ads Integration, which gives you the ability to pull in over 400 unique metrics from Facebook. You can apply pre-built reports that match their Facebook Ads dashboard, making it familiar and easy to know exactly what data you're looking at. With access to all of these datasets, you can now mix-and-match metrics to create custom report not available in Facebook's Ads Dashboard. Additionally, we've seen customers create custom alerts for when ad spend and impressions reach certain thresholds. Customers have been asking for this integration for a long time, and we're already seeing so many cool things being built in Parabola. Check out some of our pre-built recipes to get started!

With more integrations and steps than ever before, some customers began informing us that their flows were becoming too large to handle. With that in mind, we improved the performance of the builder, specifically with large flows. Now, flows run at roughly three times the frame rate than before. This means that the experience of selecting and moving multiple steps, and navigating around the canvas, has been greatly improved.

Lastly, we added auto-detection for date formats in the Format dates step. What does that mean? Now, when you pull in a column containing dates, you no longer need to enter the starting format in the exact structure for the date to be formatted correctly. It all happens automatically! Additionally, we now offer 10 presets for commonly used date formats.

These are just a small handful of all the changes that happened in Parabola this month. We're working on even more exciting projects to continue bringing new features and improvements that make Parabola even easier to use. Check out your flows and see what else is new!