What's New this August from Parabola

August 28, 2020
The Parabola Team

Our Shopify integration is officially out of beta and now available to all users! Not only that, but we also made some useful updates to make it easier to work with dynamic dates, to be able to filter for unfulfilled orders, and we improved the experience of pulling in order-level data. That's not all! We also added support for calculating and issuing refunds with our Send to Shopify step. Now you can take a list of items, and their orders, and issue refunds automatically.

PS, we were featured as a Staff Pick in the Shopify App Store!

Introducing, the ShipStation integration! We heard from customers that it was difficult to work with their shipping data. Now, you can easily combine your ShipStation data with other tools (like Shopify!), build analytics flows, set up custom alerts, and more. Matt Hertz, from Second Marathon, lent his expertise in all things shipping and fulfillment with six super useful recipes using our ShipStation integration. Check them out here!

The Pull from Google Analytics step now offers new presets giving you the ability to pull data based upon reports you're used to seeing natively in Google Analytics. We've loaded in 40+ presets to help you get up and running quickly. Goal conversion data is also more accurate and metric dimensions now use more recognizable names. It's now even easier to pull in preset and custom reports based on whatever metrics/dimensions you care about.

We heard from customers that it would be helpful to have ready-to-use templates at their fingers, so we added some of our most used recipes to the sidebar! Pre-built flows, with baked-in best practices, now ready for you when you need inspiration in the builder. It's never been easier to get started.

The Insert If/Else Column step was updated with a fresh interface. You can now apply logic in plain English, making it super easy to set your conditions to your liking. You also now have the ability to combine dynamic column references with static text for even more powerful rules.

With all of these improvements, we knew it was time to make it easier to navigate between the flows page, builder, and flow dashboard, so we updated all of them to have a unified design language. It's now even more intuitive to take action on your flows with co-located settings and simplified navigation.

It's been a whirlwind month, but we're  staying busy in order to bring users new features and improvements that make Parabola the easiest way to automate your data work. Check out all of these great features and more by visiting your Flows today!