What's New this December from Parabola

December 23, 2020
The Parabola Team

​Happy holidays from all of us at Parabola!

We're wrapping up 2020 with some new features and offerings, and putting a bow on some projects that have been in the works for a while. Let's take a look:

Notice our step configuration got a fresh makeover?

We just launched our new design system for step configuration, codenamed "Metro" after Fritz Lang's silent sci-fi classic film, "Metropolis". Steps largely work the same, but you'll notice that the form elements that comprise them have received a major visual update. Our goal with this release (and the many that will follow it) is to make our steps look and work more consistently and to improve accessibility and learnability.

Manage and analyze Shopify smart and manual collections

You now have the ability to pull in both Smart and Manual collections! With this new setting, you choose if you want to pull in data about your collections or pull in a list of products associated with a collection.

Seamlessly tag customers, orders, and products

The Send to Shopify step now supports updating tags on customers, orders, and products. This is particularly useful for automatically moving products in and out of smart collections, keeping customers up to date with tags, and organizing orders.

Apply find and replace to part of a cell or an entire cell

The Find and replace step now supports the ability to find multiple values at once and replace them all with a value. You can specify if the find field should find the value as part of a cell or as the entire cell. Similarly, the replace field can replace just the value that was found or replace the entire cell if a value was found within it.

Use improved resources to get the most out of Parabola

We launched our new How To section. Enjoy consolidated, updated, and brand new articles to get the most out of Parabola. Whether you're new to Parabola and want help getting started, or you've been using Parabola for a while and need a refresher on some of our steps, we've updated and written these articles to cater to everyone.

As we close out the year we want to send an extra special thank you. Delivering more value to you is our biggest motivation as we continue to make Parabola even easier and more helpful for every kind of user. We're incredibly excited for 2021 as we continue this work.