What's New from Parabola: May 2021

What's New from Parabola: May 2021

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It's been an action-packed start to 2021 for the Parabola team! We have been hard at work launching ~highly requested~ new features and making performance improvements to the product to help you work faster and smarter — not to mention our new website 👀

Let's take a look at what's new this month in Parabola:

It's finally here: a better way to send data to Airtable

With our new native integration, sending data to Airtable is now easier than ever. Spend more time building powerful automations with Airtable and less time configuring tricky APIs. Simply select your base, enter your API key, map your fields, and sit back and relax as you admire your flow.

Transfer datasets with our new FTP integration

We pride ourselves as being the go-to tool for bulk data automation, and our new ability to import and export files through an FTP server only furthers that! Pull in CSV and Excel files, and work with larger data feeds including RSS and XML with our FTP integration.

Lightning-fast filter calculations

Remember when we mentioned working faster? What if we said 15x faster? Because that is the speed of our new Filter Rows step! For those of you working with larger datasets, the performance update should be a major improvement. Check out how fast we can filter through 100k rows of data!

Build more intuitively with new UI improvements

Sometimes, it's the little stuff that makes you smile. Recent UI improvements include a clearer signal for steps with errors, the ability to more intuitively drag an additional arrow from a step, and some crisp new animations.

You'll also be happy to see more apparent tabs within step settings at the top of the table, making it easier to explore input data from a previous step.

Have you visited Parabola.io recently? You really should.

We want Parabola to be your go-to toolkit for automating manual tasks. Our revamped website drives home Parabola's power as a productivity tool (with an ecommerce focus!), and also features some beautiful design work from our talented team!

Expect more exciting updates next month!

We are currently working hard on improving the onboarding and builder experience, expanding our Shopify integration, releasing cards (interested in a sneak peak?), and completing some additional exciting projects! Ready to start building again? Go check out your flows to explore our new features.

PS. We are excited to welcome Graciela Kincaid to the team as our first Head of Product! Graciela brings extensive product experience to the team after 4 years at Dropbox, where she worked as the Product Lead for Dropbox Business. Excited to share more of her work in the coming months and beyond! Also, we're hiring.

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