What's New from Parabola: April 2020

What's New from Parabola: April 2020

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We've been hard at work this month bringing you significant updates to make Parabola better and better. This post is all about sharing those updates, both big and small, with you! We're so excited because all of these updates make Parabola an even easier productivity tool for everyone to use.

First up, our new Publish Dashboard. Now when you view a published flow, you'll see a dashboard of your runs, schedules, and in-progress run statuses. We hope that it better surfaces the most important information about your published flows and reduces some confusion about whether or not you're in building mode. No more draft/published toggle!

We created a native Webflow integration. Import your Webflow CMS instance to Parabola and manipulate your data however you'd like. For example, translate blog posts with Google Translate API or automatically sort entries by recent popularity, according to Google Analytics. Then send it back to Webflow, live. All automatic. Any time you need it.

Over the past few months, we started to add more steps to Parabola, but our Sidebar began to feel pretty busy. Finding steps, what they did, and other similar functions became pretty tedious. Our goal is to make tedious work a thing of the past. So, naturally, the Sidebar got a bit of a spring cleaning. Find steps faster by search, task, or suggestion!

We were hearing from users that it was difficult to find the files they were looking for. With that in mind, we created a file explorer for our Google Sheets step. Now, it's more clear that you can search for files or find them in a list.

The Flows page received a super helpful update. At a glance, you can now see the incoming and outgoing connections for all of your flows as well as when each flow was last modified, scheduled to run next, and more. All without having to open the flow. No more guessing which "Untitled" flow is which!

We launched our first educational video series! We plan many more how-to's and tutorial videos soon, but we're kicking things off with an "Introduction to Combining Data in Parabola" series. The goal of these videos is to help  users of all types get the most out of Parabola's powerful steps. Check out the first video below, or click here for the full video series.

There are loads of more updates, many of them you may never notice, but here are a few to highlight:

  • We deployed some UI fixes to our drop-down menus, so they are scrollable and not limited to the width of the settings sidebar.
  • We fixed an issue where our Twilio Source occasionally didn't include the "body" text.
  • We improved the way our "Suggested Steps" feature works by making it update faster (thereby giving you better recommendations!)

It's been a busy month, but there's even more to come!

Check out these new features and more by visiting your Flows today.

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