What's New This Month in Parabola

May 22, 2020
The Parabola Team

We recently launched a handful of new features that make building in Parabola even easier and more fun. This month we focused on new resources to help customers get more out of Parabola, quickly.

Let's kick things off with our updated Recipes page. Recipes have been redesigned to help you discover pre-built flows organized by simplicity, integration, use case, and more. You can now filter your view with tags. Adding these templates to your  flows is still as easy as just one click.

We heard you! Customers told us time and time again: "More video content, please". So, we launched our first set (of many!) Video Tutorial Series and gave them their own home. Learn how Parabola works, brush up on your skills, and discover new ways to build flows. Check out the Learn page to see what's coming next. 👀

The Flows Dashboard received a full makeover. At a glance, you can now see the imports and exports for all of your flows, along with other important details like when your flow was last modified or when it is scheduled to run next. The Recommended Recipes and Recent Updates sidebar make it easier than ever to find what's new and what to build next.

Last, but most definitely not least, introducing... Drop Targets! Drop Targets guide you on where to place your next step. Auto-connections make building in Parabola so much faster, it's amazing how much time it saves. You can even splice between two steps! Not enough room to splice? The builder auto-spaces your flow for you. It's like magic!

Other changes you may have noticed:

  • Our Math step now shows basic syntax highlighting (color!) in the calculation field.
  • "Suggested Steps" are taking a vacation. While they're away, we're working hard on improving the recommendation engine.

Want to check out these any of these new features? Head over to your Flows to take a look!